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Divorce can be a difficult process both financially and emotionally. Barbara’s goal is to do her part to transform the collaboration of real estate and family law professionals so that every divorcing couple is ensured the best possible outcome when untangling the legal, financial and emotional ties to their home.

At Vesta, we have built a better way for people to navigate the divorce process by providing access to expert guidance, professional counseling, and a community of support. Our Arizona hub offers no-cost events, concierge services, and vetted, expert professionals from the range of support services needed during divorce, including emotional, legal, financial, real estate, wellness, and mortgage specialists.

In addition to expert one-on-one services, our professionals collaborate to provide a consolidated system of comprehensive, supportive care. Vesta’s integrated, efficient approach improves the experience and outcomes of the divorce process, and can effectively lower the associated costs. Vesta clients consistently report reduced anxiety and isolation – they deeply appreciate our professionals’ expert guidance throughout the divorce process, and they highly value participation in our supportive Vesta community. 

Whether you are thinking about going through a divorce, you are currently in the process of divorcing, or have been divorced, we welcome you to come and hear our panel of experts give you everything you need to make it through these trying times and come out the other side not only okay, but in a place to thrive. 

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